Crusty’s was born in 2016, dubbed as the rise of Salted Egg snacks in Singapore.  Salted egg is ubiquitously known as one of the national flavours of Singapore and here at Crusty’s, we give you a taste of home, wherever you go.

The core of Crusty's is to make snacks that look and taste like they were freshly cooked. As Crusty's lives up to our tagline, "Redefining Snacks" we hope to bring out the fun and exciting elements in snacking! Being a snack brand in Singapore, we are always on the lookout for ideas that will intrigue your taste buds. Thus, Crusty’s explored different flavours and snacks to capture the ever-changing  “trend snackers/ trendsetters” of Singapore.

Crusty's did not simply stop at Salted Egg Fish Skin, we expanded our range of snacks to Soy Skin, Potato Chips, and Popcorn. Something for everyone to enjoy and indulge.

Now sit back and have a Crusty's good time.


Vision: To deliver the taste and heritage of Singapore to the rest of the world with its snacks.

Mission: To bring out the fun and exciting elements from snacks.

Core Values:   Quality   Innovation   Passion

Baby Crusty's




Baby Crusty's

Being the leader of the pack, the attention is all on him. Baby has always been the backbone of the Crusty’s family. He is smart and capable and knows how to have fun! Despite being the eldest in the family, his relaxed and good-natured personality gave him his “Baby” nickname. You can count on him, he will always have your back!

Mr Wasabi & Momo


Mr Wasabi and his pet Momo are inseparable at all times. Mr Wasabi found Momo and adopted him when he was young. They quarrel at times, but this adorable duo can never seem to be mad for long. Momo is a sneaky mole! Small and agile, don’t be fooled by his adorable looks, he bites!


Hot & Sexy Chick



The hottest chick in the house, literally!


She will not be seen without her flames.

She stands out from the crowd and is the eye candy of many suitors.

Whom does she have her eyes set on? We bet it’ll be a good ride!


Ol Century Egg

Crusty’s well respected senior citizen just retired! He has proven that age is just a number. Pi Dan Lao spends his time volunteering at various charity centres and is actively hiking at the park. Truly an inspiration for all of us!


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Each bite is rich in flavour, yet light to eat as an unforgettable treat any time of the day”

- Straits Times Food